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In order to manage the 120 inches of annual snow falls parts of the Western New York area receives, a snow and ice management contractor must have to have the right equipment for the wide variety of scenarios that occur.

WNY Snow Removal invests significant resources and time into ensuring every client service plan has the right equipment for the job. Utilizing high quality, reliable snow and ice management equipment from industry leading brands such as Chevy, Daniels, Myers and Western, WNY Snow Removal has the right equipment to handle anything winter throws at our area.


WNY Snow Removal has standardized on a fleet of Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD pickups equipped with universal plowing gear to ensure that all of our equipment is interchangeable and easier management of spares to keep potential downtime to a minimum.

WNY Snow Removal utilizes Western brand plows, using both straight blade and V-plows to best remove and maneuver the snow based on application. Pickup trucks are also equipped with Daniels Pull Plows to efficiently clear driveways, sidewalks, and streets.


WNY Snow Removal has several deicing vehicles that are used to treat parkings lots and driveway. Each deicing vehicle is equipped with a three yard salt spreader, that can lay down the same amount in 30 minutes.

WNY Snow Removal has a dedicated area of its facility for its de-icing services and salt storage, including salts crib for clients. This helps to ensure we have proper inventory levels, ensuring reliable service.


WNY Snow Removal uses a combination of equipment and man-power to your sidewalks and walkways clear. WNY Snow Removal leverages a Cushman Sidewalk Machine for heavy snowfalls, and John Deere snow blowers for light to moderate snow falls. Every WNY Snow Removal vehicle has several contractor grade shovels for hard to reach areas and final touches to properties and lots.


WNY Snow Removal utilizes John Deere skidsteers for specialty snow plowing and snow relocation operations.

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