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Lackawanna is a city in Erie County and part of the greater Buffalo-Niagara region. Lackawanna has a population of over 18,000 and borders the city of Buffalo, the village of Blasdell, the town of West Seneca, and has a natural border with Lake Erie. Lackawanna is part of the Southtowns region of Western New York.

Settlers to the area date back to the 1840s and Lackawanna was originally part of the town of West Seneca. In 1909 the city of Lackawanna was formed after residents voted to split from West Seneca, a move that was encouraged by the local business community who felt felt that having a separate city would be beneficial for development.

Lackawanna is synonymous with steel. Construction of the Lackawanna Steel Company began in 1900 on the shore of Lake Erie. This steel plant would become the largest in the world when it was acquired by the Bethlehem Steel Company who made significant expansions to the operation. The plant covered over 1,500 acres of land and had its own ship canal, locks, bridges, and storage space for raw materials.

The plant was in continuous operation for 82 years up until 1982 when it was closed. Bethlehem Steel was a major force in the area, employing many residents in the area and paid up to 75 percent of the taxes.

More than just industry, Lackawanna is also home to the beautiful Our Lady of Victory Basilica, a catholic church that is also a national shrine and a popular pilgrimage and tourist attraction. Our Lady of Victory was completed in 1925 and constructed with fine materials and workmanship and is said to rival the great churches in Europe. The church is known for its copper dome and extensive use of marble.

Lackawanna is also known for it’s strong high school football program that produced NFL quarterback Ron Jaworski and NFL defensive lineman Mike Mamula.

With it’s location directly on the Lake, Lackawanna is right in the path of the lake effect snow snow machine that keeps going until the lake has frozen over.

Lackawanna residents were affected by famous storms such as the Blizzard of ‘77 and the October Surprise Storm. Lackawanna averages around 94.7 inches of snow per winter season and in the past 10 years has ranged from a low of 36.7 inches up to 129.9 inches of snow in one winter. By comparison, the snowfall in Lackawanna reached 199.4 for the season when the city was hit by Blizzard of ‘77.

Benefits of Western New York Snow Removal

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Lackawanna Snow Removal for Driveways, Parking Lots, and Sidewalks

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