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Lancaster is a city in Erie County and part of the greater Buffalo-Niagara region. Lancaster has a population of over 41,604 and it’s located on the northeast side of Erie County. Lancaster is also located about 14 miles east of Buffalo, making it a popular area for commuters to live.

Lancaster was originally known as Cayuga Creek before it incorporated in 1833 and became known as Lancaster. This city is known for sprawling suburbs that attract families. In fact, out of 15,053 households, there are 10,506 families living in Lancaster, according to the latest census.

Like much of Western New York, Lancaster has plenty of greenspace and over ten well-known parks that locals to the area frequent during summer and winter months.

While Lancaster isn’t directly on the lake, being located east of Cheektowaga, it is still affected by lake effect snow.

Lancaster residents were affected by famous storms such as the Blizzard of ‘77 and the October Surprise Storm. Lancaster averages around 98 inches of snow per winter season, almost quadrupling the average snowfall a city in the US gets.


Western New York Snow Removal provides reliable snow and ice management services for sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots including:

  • Deicing: We use pre-treated rock salt that offers better ice formation protection even at low temperatures.
  • Snowplowing: Heavy duty pickup trucks equipped with 8’ plows, snow blowers, and shovels can remove snow from any home or business.
  • Sidewalks: Snow blowers and sidewalk tractors are deployed to keep sidewalks clear.
  • Snow Relocation: When heavy lake effect snow strikes, we load up our dump trucks to haul it away from your property.


Western New York Snow Removal is well equipped to handle snow and ice removal on large and small driveways, large commercial and industrial parking lots, and sidewalks. We can keep your property clear during the winter season to get you safely to and from work and school.

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